4 Tips to Stop Singing Flat


A very common issue among singers is having your notes come out just a little flat.

If someone has ever told you you’re singing flat, they mean that you are singing a note lower in pitch than the note intended.

So essentially, if you’re flat, you need to bring your voice slightly higher to get the correct pitch. Easy enough, right? Actually, that is not the case at all.

However, it is possible for you to improve your pitch accuracy. It will take some vocal training and effort, but it is definitely doable.

And keep in mind that singing flat doesn’t mean you are tone deaf or a lousy singer.

It just means you are a little bit off when it comes to your pitch, but no one has a perfect pitch when they first start singing.

To help you out, we will discuss four tips to stop singing flat in the article below.

Source: https://www.aimm.edu/blog/4-tips-to-stop-singing-flat


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